Family Weekend / Part 4

Last weekend we went on our annual family weekend again to the Ardennes. This time we went kayaking down the Ourthe. Olivia was a real sport and enjoyed the time in the water as it was such a hot summer day. It was so fun to do with our little family but also with my big family. Even my dad did it. We barbecued, did a fun game in the evening, which involved flour and water and biscuits.
Sunday morning we did a big brunch on the terrace, played some games, had some conversations in the jacuzzi, had an early dinner and made our arrangements for next year! Thanks for a fun weekend, family!

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Our haven of tranquility

We just spent the most wonderful week here in Andalucia, in the house we love with the incredible view. We came here 2 summers ago when Olivia was still a baby and we just had to come back. So when Lolo said in January, let's go back - 30 seconds later I was checking flights and asking Gonzalo if the house was still available and we were lucky. From the moment we got here, a feeling of tranquility reached us and we were able to unwind completely. Just swimming, preparing the food we love, reading, playing with our daughter, soaking up the vitamin D and just doing absolutely nothing. No clock, no have-to's, no nothing - except the things which really matter.
I just keep staring at this view. Every moment of the day it looks different, the water has a different color, the hills take different shades, so beautiful. These pictures basically tell the story of our week here. Pure joy and love. 
This house has so much identity with things to discover in every nook and corner. It was curated with so much effort and thought. Even the playlist in the music player was perfect for the ambiance and our feelings towards this magical place. If you want to see more of the house, check our story from last time.
I want this house & this magical place to be part of Olivia's childhood memories. She said at least a 100 times how beautiful she found it here. Big love!
We will be coming back as soon as we can - like tomorrow?

Los pueblos blancos

Both Lolo and I are so much in love with all the white villages here in Andalucia. They have so much charm. The little stores, the supermarkets in a living room, the napkins on the ground outside the tapas bars, the streets where you almost cannot pass with the car, the outside life, tinto de verano, good food, pulpo, ...
I love the slow pace of these villages, where you will find nobody on the streets during siesta time and where people still put their chairs in the street at sunset when the heat is more bearable. Where people eat at 10 PM and children are still at the playground around that time. Getting Churros at the local joint on Sunday, and ordering your pollito asado for Sunday lunch. We arrived here and our time perception immediately shifted, eating lunch around 3PM and dinner around 9.30 PM. Living without a clock. We completely unwind here, this is our haven of tranquility. 
May we often come here in the years to come.