Los pueblos blancos

Both Lolo and I are so much in love with all the white villages here in Andalucia. They have so much charm. The little stores, the supermarkets in a living room, the napkins on the ground outside the tapas bars, the streets where you almost cannot pass with the car, the outside life, tinto de verano, good food, pulpo, ...
I love the slow pace of these villages, where you will find nobody on the streets during siesta time and where people still put their chairs in the street at sunset when the heat is more bearable. Where people eat at 10 PM and children are still at the playground around that time. Getting Churros at the local joint on Sunday, and ordering your pollito asado for Sunday lunch. We arrived here and our time perception immediately shifted, eating lunch around 3PM and dinner around 9.30 PM. Living without a clock. We completely unwind here, this is our haven of tranquility. 
May we often come here in the years to come.

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