Honey, I'm home

 After visiting The Grand Canyon, we went to spend the night in my favorite town in the United States, Williams. I don't know why I feel this way about this city, but when we arrived here 5 years ago on our first trip, I just knew it: This is my town.It's the location, in the middle of the forests, the main street, the vibe, the restaurant that we love, the route 66. I can just see myself living there, running a little restaurant, Lolo running a hotel, and Olivia eating pancakes with whipped cream every day. A girl can dream, no? I just felt genuinly happy there, walking down the street, sitting in 'our' booth at the Pine Country Restaurant. It is one of these towns with a soul.
The morning of my birthday we had breakfast there and Lolo secretely told the staff it was my birthday and all of a sudden, a chocolate cake arrived with a candle and the entire staff and the clients were singing 'happy birthday' for me :) Such a great moment. I cried a little inside when we were driving away from my very own 'Stars Hollow' (for the Gilmore Girls connaisseurs). 
Williams, I will be dreaming about you...

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