Viva Las Vegas

 We did another detour to Sin City on my birthday and we stayed at The Venetian Hotel, a hotel with over 4000 rooms and they are all over 60 m². The hotel itself is a world on its own, you never have to leave, you are in wanna-be Venice, there are hundreds of restaurants and shops. We spent the afternoon at the pool, it was just the right depth for Olivia and she had the best time. We had some drinks and just enjoyed the experience. After sunset we went for dinner in the hotel and after for a walk on the strip. Outside it is a different world, it is still unbelievable with al the lights and the giant casino's and hotels - very impressive - all striving to be the biggest & the best, but it also has a very sad side. The side of the drug addicts on the street, the homeless, the drunk people, the people who just lost money at the games, the disabled begging for money,...
I did not feel very at ease with Olivia, because the atmosphere is edgy and things can get out of control very easily taking all things into account. When we were here 5 years ago, I did not really notice all these things - but now it really got to me a bit. So we went back to our safe haven, our big suite with 3 television sets and view on the Strip from the 24th floor. They also have the best beds ever!


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