Our peaceful desert retreat at Joshua Tree

 Nearly at the end of our adventure we decided to take a break for 2 days and rest a little. This was the only time we stayed two nights at the same location so it needed to be somewhere special. After nights and nights of searching on the internet, I found this hidden gem in the desert near Joshua Tree Park. The house was so tastefully decorated and some comfortable and cozy - I easily could have stayed a lot longer (read: live there). It was also good after almost 3 weeks to cook ourselves in our fifties style kitchen and BBQ some nice meat on the deck. We hung out in the hot tub most of the day...and night. It was incredible to watch the stars from the hot tub with a glass of wine in our hand, in the middle of the desert. 
There was no teevee, so we took the time to read, play and nap.
I'm so happy with this trip, as you may have noticed :)
Almost at the end...

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