House Hunting in Palm Springs, California

 After Joshua Tree we passed by Palm Springs. Oh, how we love Palm Springs. Five years ago this was our first impression of the USA (not counting NYC of course) after arriving at LAX. We stayed at l'Horizon back then (Marilyn Monroe used to stay here too), an adult only hotel, where we cannot go back for the next 14 years if we take the kid along. It was splendid, the desert modernism, the elegant vibe, the palm trees, - oh we had such a good time there. I highly recommend passing by Palm Springs and of course at the hotel.
For nostalgia's sake, we went for lunch again at the ACE hotel. The hotel to be if you are young, trendy and in for some fun and dancing in bikini, but they do have a good diner and I love the style, so we have the right to go too! ha!
We drove down the streets, just looking at all the houses that I love so much - (Palm Springs has the largest concentration of mid-century modern architecture and since the 1920’s, visionary modernist architects have designed sleek, modern homes that have embraced the desert environment) considering crashing 'open house' real estate days and pretending we are in the market for a 1 000 000 dollar home.  One day, after winning the lottery, I will buy a house here, you know just to come for the weekend while we live in Williams, Arizona. 
Again, a girl can dream!


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