California dreaming...

The end of the trail... the end point of this magnificent journey.
We drove more than 4500 km through this wonderful country, through forests, cities, deserts, unreal landscapes, dirt roads, lonely highways, busy highways. It was such a good roadtrip, without any problems, with a happy kid, a happy couple, we met friendly people on the way, we ate lots of (good) food, we slept in 17 hotels/motels, drove through 10 states, ate at at least 50 restaurants. I said at least 60 times 'I want to live here', I said at least 120 times 'Look where we are driving, look at all the space', the kid said at least 200 times 'I wanna hear 'let it go' (he Frozen Song), I learned again that I am the happiest when I travel and that we as a family are SUCH a good travel team. California dreaming...
I cried when the plane taxied away, I was still crying when we were already high in the friendly skies.
It was like leaving a lover at the station while the train slowly leaves the station.  (I felt like I felt when I had to leave Lolo in Paris for the week at the beginning of our relationship)
I think it is love.


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