I'm doing this for me

Today is the start of a new chapter, a new life year -it's my birthday-, the end of an old job and the beginning of a new adventure. It took me quite some years to get to this point, but I need to do this and I need to do this for me, to be happy and because I frankly have no choice if I want to improve this part of my life. It is time to create my own world, a world where all my creativity and passions will come together. A world where I get to choose, where the stress will be mine, the failures will be mine and the victories will be mine. 
I decided to jump into the unknown and to not let fear, insecurity, other people's opinions, and negative feelings hold me back anymore. 
I noticed that all these years of working for other people left me unfulfilled and empty in a way, because I could never commit with my heart. I could not work based on my instinct and my way of seeing things. I was tired of writing in a font that other people chose for me. Working towards goals that weren't mine. Being pigeonholed where I did not necessarily feel at ease. Suffering from the social pressure of 'having a career' when I did not need a 'status' to form my identity. 
So this next step has been brewing in my head for some years and some months ago it felt like the stars were aligning - no more excuses! Jump, girl! Get your big girl panties on! 

And if I fail, I'll fail and it will be a bruise in the course of my life (like I have other ones), not a tattoo and there will be a Plan C waiting for me & if it works, I will so make it happen every single day, until another dream comes along.
So, today I'm very excited to share my project with you!
I'm going to open a place that I created:
The 3L Buurtkantine 
A day-canteen for coffee, co-working and healthy food!
I will share more about my journey into entrepreneurship soon!

Stay tuned!!


  1. Wauw schitterend! Veel succes met je sprong. Ik kan je alleen maar heel veel succes wensen.

  2. Klinkt fantastisch!! Heel veel succes gewenst :-)

  3. ik ben alvast heel benieuwd :-) succes . mark moorhem

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  5. Heb net één van je creaties (sla's in glazen potten) mogen proeven in het stadspark en het was overheerlijk. Ik wens je veel succes met je verdere plannen - Groetjes - Danielle

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