P'tit Week end au Maroc

After only 3 days at home, after America, we got back on the airplane to Morocco to see Lolo's friends and a party (more on this later). Our friend Julie booked me a hammam with the royal treatment again, which was heaven (including blowdry and mani-pedi). I felt like a new person. We had good food and we went to the sea. It had been so long since I really swam in the sea and I really enjoyed it. It was so much fun in the water, we were like a kid! We had sardines on the BBQ, drank rosé in the little house by the sea, and stayed at the beach until the sun went down. Olivia had the best times playing in the waves and with her little friends. I really like Morocco. Lolo's friends live in Tangier (see more here) and I think in a few years this will become a even more trendy and pleasant city to go for a city trip. They are constructing everywhere with eye for open spaces, while keeping their own cultural identity.
You can wake me up any time to go here! Thanks friends for the nice weekend!

 (how beautiful is this kid?)


  1. ALtijd zo een leuke plekjes en vooral lekker eten! Heerlijk & yesss pretty kid too.

  2. aww seems you all had a great time. i enjoyed looking at all the photos. Thank you for sharing with us. Keep updating about your future trips too.

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