Wedding Vows in Tangier

 As you have seen in my previous post, two weeks ago we were in Morocco for a very special party.
Lolo's friends have been together for over 20 years and they thought it was time to celebrate this event together with their close friends and 3 children. Julie styled a real pinterest- worthy party with beautiful flowers, table settings, and a wonderful backdrop in the backyard of their friends. Everything was so beautiful and done with taste - I loved it. Of course, the food was good too, but we knew it would! It was so moving to see this couple with their kids celebrate their love and life together. In this world where things are not always easy, it is important to stand still for a moment and be grateful for what you have and that's what the evening was all about. 
Because Love is Love is Love (As Julie herself puts it (& Obama too :))
What I also really liked was the fact that they had a wedding 'cake' of layered cheeses instead of real cake. Very original and very French.
Thank you for having us G+J!


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