The House On The Mountain

I still had to tell you about the house we rented for our holiday. I am so much in love with it, but like totally. I said it to Lolo like a thousand times. You have that with some places, you enter and you know it is right. It fits - you have come home. I have had that with a few places - our home, this place in New Hampshire and now this wonderful house. We have rented it from Gonzalo - a well travelled and open spirited Spanish guy who built and decorated this beauty. I could just live there - all the details were incredible. When we drove away at the end of our holidays, the tears rolled over my cheeks - just to give you an idea of my love for this house and the quality time we spent in it. It did not feel like a rental place at all - which was a good thing, because I hate charmless places where they just stuff their ugly furniture.
I asked Gonzalo the story behind it. He fell in love with the location very early on, and was lucky enough to buy the plot with this view and start building his dream house. The house is a collage made up of pieces he got on some of his trips, things he bought in flea markets and parts of other houses (old schools, ruins, chapels...) He wanted to create a place to disconnect from the rat race, forgetting about time, and connecting more with the interior through which all humans are bonded. A place to get rid of the rules, laws and superstitions of society, to activate the mind towards its most constructive, intuitive and creative possibilities. I think he succeeded wonderfully. If I were a writer, I would write a book at the desk in the second bedroom, if I were an artist, I would definitely find some inspiration there to paint or write music.
Can we go back, -I did not finish reading the 1000 books in there?
I was so happy on my mountain.