Petanque and bare feet (Family weekend 3)

Last weekend, we went on our 3rd annual family weekend. We rented this great old house, it had so many rooms, hidden areas and a cosy kitchen and a long table for us to eat around.
On Friday we ate my mother's famous spaghetti Bolognese (tradition) after an exciting petanque game and on Saturday Lolo and I made some salads for lunch before leaving for a 'bare feet walk'. It was a nice experience for the family and our feet, as it gave us a free foot reflexology massage (trees and branches) and a mud bath (a real one) and an ice bath (a river). It was fun to do something 'adventurous' with the family - we had a good laugh! In the evening we ate a well deserved 'Forest evening chili' with pork belly and brisket, which had been cooking in the oven all day long. Sunday we had a big brunch with some French toast and bacon&eggs and we played the finale of the Vrancken Petanque Cup, of course the brothers won.
 Good ending of a good weekend of quality time!

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