Story of a family weekend

This weekend was our 2nd annual family weekend (on father's side) and we went to Les Ardennes where we rented a farm house to spend some family quality time. Friday evening we had my mother's Spaghetti Bolognaise (to good family tradition - we are spaghetti monsters) and we played a fun quiz, that had us dancing GangnamStyle 5 minutes in and the mood was set. The house was equipped with a soccer table as well as a ping pong table. And I must say my family has some hidden talents in that department. It was very funny :) And of course Lolo won! Late Saturday afternoon we went to Durbuy, the smallest town in Belgium, to shop, wander around and have a birthday dinner for my uncle. After dinner we went back to the house for a small mojito party. Sunday morning we did a big 3l syndrome style brunch with pancakes, eggs & bacon, croissants, cheese & cold cuts and home made fruit salad. Olivia was, as always, the star of the weekend and also the only small kiddie in the family. She especially enjoyed the trampoline and all the family members who were willing to watch Maya with her. Come on nieces and nephew, we need some more kiddies in the family!