A 3L Syndrome Date at The Jane

Last Thursday the hubby-to-be took a day off to go to Antwerp with me for a Lunch Date at The Jane.
The Jane is a very beautiful restaurant (CNN voted it into the most beautiful restaurants of the world selection this week) in a former chapel. The concept is 'food is our religion' and that's why the open kitchen is located where the altar used to be in the church. Totally makes sense to me. We had a lovely time enjoying each other's company (he is still the best company) and enjoying their exquisite food. It was really a perfect experience in a perfect setting and on top of that...a perfect date in the middle of a hectic week. It was also nice to dress up a little for a change. 
For my Birthday we went to Sergio Herman's other restaurant Pure C, if you would like to read.
Have a happy Monday!

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