In the weekends, we like to try making things that take some more effort and time than our normal week night dinners, and this time we wanted to make steamed 'gua bao' buns with short pork ribs. The dough has to sit for more than 4 hours in total, so it is perfect to try on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I found the recipe for the buns here. Lolo let the pork ribs simmer in a sauce of carrots, ginger, garlic, onion, chilly, tomato paste and some veal stock for a good 2 hours. It made them so tender and full of flavour. We added some cucumber slices and cilantro for freshness and then just dig inn! You could top it off with some hot sauce! I think for a first attempt, I did alright with the buns, but there is room for improvement, next time we are going try a pork belly bun! Already looking forward!
Happy week!

Remember the engagement?

You still remember that I got engaged like a zillion years ago, but then the kid happened?
Well, this winter we are finally going to tie the knot: A Winter Wedding! 
Wedding preparations are slowly starting, but the most important things are already taken care of, as there is the wedding license, the dress, Olivia's dress, the man's outfit, the rings, the venue, the food (very important!), the design of the invitations, Now it is all about details.

As a little girl I never had these dreams about how I would get married or how my dress should look like. I had made a mood board of what I thought I would like and 1 shop, 1 good friend and 3 dresses later, I had already found my dress. So that was fairly easy. Now let's hope my man will love me in it!

We decided to have a small wedding 'en petit comité', so we can spend some quality time with all our guests. It seemed more like our thing. Organising a 100% handmade wedding is a big task to take on, even if it is an intimate wedding, but I like doing it, and I like the thought that every detail is decided by us, in comparison to getting a real wedding venue where everything is pre-organised for you. 

So after this small update, I'm gonna focus on organising again!
Happy weekend!

Cold Turkey

No, this is not a post about a left-over turkey sandwich, it is a more personal one.
To be honest, these past few weeks have not been the easiest ones. I stopped working after 11 years in the same company. And from the day I could enjoy my new found freedom, I have had medical issues (& maybe some stress related issues too). Nothing serious, but still very annoying and things that keep you inside and on the couch. So not very fun. On doctor's orders I had to quit drinking my long time love Coca Cola (Zero). As long as I can remember I have been a coca cola addict, in my case meaning drinking more than 2 litres a day (and nothing else). Hearing the doctor tell me that I had to quit immediately was not easy, but having pains for the rest of my life and destroying my body further, was not an option either. So here I am now - 7 days cola - sober.
I can tell you, it is damn hard. My body has been running on caffeine for the last 25 years and doesn't know anything else. Of course she is letting me know that she is craving. Headaches, dizziness, food kicks, nervousness, ....You name it, I have felt it.  I even think that giving up the cigarettes was easier. 

But of course, I know it is for the best, just like quitting smoking is for the best and figuring out new professional adventures is for the best. But it does not make the process any easier. 

But I do look forward to feeling my body without caffeine, chemicals and enough hydration.
So I am going to persist, and convince myself that water, water and water is the yummiest thing in the world.

Marsala vineyard getaway

October is already peeping around the corner, and I am still thinking about our night we spent at a Marsala winery before going east into the wonderful island of Sicily. Waking up with the sound of ...nothing, crossing the patio to have breakfast, easy life. Holidays are always too much anticipated and too quickly gone again. Here's to exploring the world in all its glory, despite all the sad things we see on the news everyday.
Happy week to you all!

Little Hooligan

A few weeks ago, my man took up football again in the team of friends and of course, his girls had to go support him! Petti behaved as if she was training the team, standing on the side line screaming and jumping (and eating potato chips). It was so funny. She had a good time chitchatting with the girls and watching the boys run by. And for me, it was good to talk with the girlfriends, while hoping that my man would not get hurt. 
I'm a sissy, I know.

Photo diary of a perfect summer night's BBQ

The other week we were invited by our friend Cleo to come and BBQ at her mother's beautiful house.
Anne & Cleo really spoiled us with great food and refreshing drinks: we had great dips with red beet, eggplant and sardines. Mussels cooked in the Green Egg, super tender chicken skewers and then the bbq had not started yet! Let's say it was great - and that's an understatement. We hung out, played games, Petti socialized with everybody and I'm always so happy when I see my friends bonding with our daughter. Of course she did not leave her little baby friend's sight. We watched the sunset and then the fire pits were put on for extra good vibes. It was a perfect, perfect evening.
(... Until our kid vomited..., but hey-that's life)