Photo diary of a perfect summer night's BBQ

The other week we were invited by our friend Cleo to come and BBQ at her mother's beautiful house.
Anne & Cleo really spoiled us with great food and refreshing drinks: we had great dips with red beet, eggplant and sardines. Mussels cooked in the Green Egg, super tender chicken skewers and then the bbq had not started yet! Let's say it was great - and that's an understatement. We hung out, played games, Petti socialized with everybody and I'm always so happy when I see my friends bonding with our daughter. Of course she did not leave her little baby friend's sight. We watched the sunset and then the fire pits were put on for extra good vibes. It was a perfect, perfect evening.
(... Until our kid vomited..., but hey-that's life)

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