In the weekends, we like to try making things that take some more effort and time than our normal week night dinners, and this time we wanted to make steamed 'gua bao' buns with short pork ribs. The dough has to sit for more than 4 hours in total, so it is perfect to try on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I found the recipe for the buns here. Lolo let the pork ribs simmer in a sauce of carrots, ginger, garlic, onion, chilly, tomato paste and some veal stock for a good 2 hours. It made them so tender and full of flavour. We added some cucumber slices and cilantro for freshness and then just dig inn! You could top it off with some hot sauce! I think for a first attempt, I did alright with the buns, but there is room for improvement, next time we are going try a pork belly bun! Already looking forward!
Happy week!

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