Remember the engagement?

You still remember that I got engaged like a zillion years ago, but then the kid happened?
Well, this winter we are finally going to tie the knot: A Winter Wedding! 
Wedding preparations are slowly starting, but the most important things are already taken care of, as there is the wedding license, the dress, Olivia's dress, the man's outfit, the rings, the venue, the food (very important!), the design of the invitations, Now it is all about details.

As a little girl I never had these dreams about how I would get married or how my dress should look like. I had made a mood board of what I thought I would like and 1 shop, 1 good friend and 3 dresses later, I had already found my dress. So that was fairly easy. Now let's hope my man will love me in it!

We decided to have a small wedding 'en petit comité', so we can spend some quality time with all our guests. It seemed more like our thing. Organising a 100% handmade wedding is a big task to take on, even if it is an intimate wedding, but I like doing it, and I like the thought that every detail is decided by us, in comparison to getting a real wedding venue where everything is pre-organised for you. 

So after this small update, I'm gonna focus on organising again!
Happy weekend!

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