Beautiful things

Since priorities have changed a bit in my life. Here a few of my favourite things I would like to buy...but not buying...
1.This beautiful white dress with perfect accessories
2.An adorable yellow bathing suit
3.An even more adorable bathing suit in blue and red
4.Tiffany blue nail polish by Chanel
5.Fabulous green pumps

All these things I found on It is so addictive, but luckily it is not about buying, it is about beautiful things, and I must say, it has a community of people with taste (hihi)!
This website is also wonderful for creating an inspirational moodboard
I pin all things I like and find inspirational onto my 'new house' moodboard, that way all my ideas stay together and the link brings you directly to where you can buy it or to blogs with more beautiful things. It just never stops. You can search what you want! Pinterest has it. (and I'm not even getting paid for this kind of publicity!!, go figure...)
If you would like to see more of my mood boards:
Check out following links: the moodboard for the house the moodboard for working out (but it is not really working out so far)

FOOD with a big F

Last week was a very fun food week.
Here some of our evening dishes.
After all the excitement with the house, we took the time of cooking again. Because it is fun!
 Garlic Chicken - stuffed with garlic and thyme
Potatoes, onions, sjalots, wine, chicken stock and more garlic
We ate the whole damn thing!
Since Spring has kicked in. Time for some salads
Original salads with potatoes, trout, and mint.
Nice dressing of sour cream, fresh cheese, white balsamic and garlic.
Home made gnocchi (without potatoes)hmmm weird
Gnocchi made with ricotta, spinach, mint, eggs, flour
Salsa of cream, lemon and mint (yeah I know, again minth)
Saturday evening we had my best friend Sven (check the link)(and boyfriend)over for dinner.
We had dark grey macarons with salmon and boursin as an appetizer
As a starter we had green asparagus with soft boiled egg.
This foto is not mine, because I was too busy eating these babies, that I forgot to take a picture.(Our presentation was better, but you get my grip)
Main course was lamb with special potatoe mash(les vitelottes)meaning they are purple, with red wine/sjalot jus.
Cool effect, No?
Dessert was supposed to be moulleux 'that always works'. Yeah, with everyone except this girl.
SO, no photo!
Sunday, lazy sunday with Pasta, 1 meter long spaghettoni
And these wonderful tomatoes
And these grilled paprikas

Happy Friday - episode 6

We bought a house
Yes, we did!...and we love it...and we can't wait to move!!
The only thing on our mind right now is interior design, decoration, home shopping!!
The perfect web page for that is
Well, perfect, it makes you want things you have never thought of before, like designer chairs, designer things, wandering through brocante markets, stepping away from the Ikea mass production, and just finding the perfect thing for the perfect room.
Ohhh I love it! Let the fun begin...
First of all, we want these chairs from 'EAMS' (but not gonna happen, tooo expensive)
A log, long, wooden convent table that can sit at least 8 people
I also started to get interested in all DIY home projects and I am already working on a (vintage) suitcase coffee table (as seen on
My second DIY project is doing something with wooden crates. It's cheap, original and efficient!
I want to use them as cheap bed side tables for the bedroom.(
And as book shelving
Yellow! Yellow! I want something yellow in my house. Maybe it has something to do with Easter or the spring season, but I think every house needs a signature color. Hihi
Since I already have a black & white photo wall in our current appartement, I would like to expand it like on the photo hereunder and decorate the wall next to the staircase with it.(

Déjeuner sur l'herbe

Stories of a very sunny weekend
Spring has definitely kicked in - so we felt like cooking a lot of green spring veg and a magnificent peach & plum cake!

Bio Salmon with french beans & green baby asparagus with a light lemon-cream sauce

Peach and plum spring pie with a dough of almond powder & flour

Sunday noon picknick in the sun

Marinated chicken (coriander, mint, lemon, red pepper, olive oil, garlic) brochette with bacon wrapped around it

I love Moustaches!

Caramel with almonds(home made)
Chocolat (black and praliné)
Moustaches (fill them with chocolat & caramel)
Lisa with a moustache
Moustache presents
Very easy and fun to do!!

London baby: happy together

My boyfriend took me on a surprise weekend to London for our 1st year anniversary!
Since he lived there and I have been there a few times, we skipped most of the cliché tourist attractions & focussed on getting to know the city a bit better!

Day 1
Arrival at St-Pancras station
Cab to the hotel
Walking hand in hand over the Millennium bridge to 'Borough Market'
Nice market with lots of fresh foods and yummie snacks

Afternoon walking to Covent garden for a pint at the Punch & Judy

We walked up the hill to Primrose Hill to see the best view on London

And then, all the way to Camden Town!
The hometown of Amy, but we did'nt see her, although we were in her favourite pub, drinking pints again (Lisa drunk)!

Dinner at The Sanderson Hotel miauw (Fusion-Malaysian)

Day 2
Brick Lane
Nice trendy area with cool shops, tags and things to eat!

'Poppies' for a nice fish and chips
Perfect for a sunday afternoon stroll
Walking along the Thames to the major hotspots: The Big Ben, Houses of Parliament and the Queen's little house

And Dinner at Barbecoa, a jamie oliver restaurant

Very nice food in a nice setting with view on St-Pauls cathedral

Day 3

SHOPPING! only problem: They have Euro rates for Pounds, so everything is 1.5 times more expensive. Grrrrrr

Thank you baby for a lovely weekend and a super year
Thanks for reading!!!