Happy Friday - episode 6

We bought a house
Yes, we did!...and we love it...and we can't wait to move!!
The only thing on our mind right now is interior design, decoration, home shopping!!
The perfect web page for that is www.pinterest.com
Well, perfect, it makes you want things you have never thought of before, like designer chairs, designer things, wandering through brocante markets, stepping away from the Ikea mass production, and just finding the perfect thing for the perfect room.
Ohhh I love it! Let the fun begin...
First of all, we want these chairs from 'EAMS' (but not gonna happen, tooo expensive)
A log, long, wooden convent table that can sit at least 8 people
I also started to get interested in all DIY home projects and I am already working on a (vintage) suitcase coffee table (as seen on www.designspongeonline.com)
My second DIY project is doing something with wooden crates. It's cheap, original and efficient!
I want to use them as cheap bed side tables for the bedroom.(www.79ideas.org)
And as book shelving :www.frenchbydesign.blogspot.com
Yellow! Yellow! I want something yellow in my house. Maybe it has something to do with Easter or the spring season, but I think every house needs a signature color. Hihi
Since I already have a black & white photo wall in our current appartement, I would like to expand it like on the photo hereunder and decorate the wall next to the staircase with it.(http://scandinavianretreat.blogspot.com)

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