FOOD with a big F

Last week was a very fun food week.
Here some of our evening dishes.
After all the excitement with the house, we took the time of cooking again. Because it is fun!
 Garlic Chicken - stuffed with garlic and thyme
Potatoes, onions, sjalots, wine, chicken stock and more garlic
We ate the whole damn thing!
Since Spring has kicked in. Time for some salads
Original salads with potatoes, trout, and mint.
Nice dressing of sour cream, fresh cheese, white balsamic and garlic.
Home made gnocchi (without potatoes)hmmm weird
Gnocchi made with ricotta, spinach, mint, eggs, flour
Salsa of cream, lemon and mint (yeah I know, again minth)
Saturday evening we had my best friend Sven (check the link)(and boyfriend)over for dinner.
We had dark grey macarons with salmon and boursin as an appetizer
As a starter we had green asparagus with soft boiled egg.
This foto is not mine, because I was too busy eating these babies, that I forgot to take a picture.(Our presentation was better, but you get my grip)
Main course was lamb with special potatoe mash(les vitelottes)meaning they are purple, with red wine/sjalot jus.
Cool effect, No?
Dessert was supposed to be moulleux 'that always works'. Yeah, with everyone except this girl.
SO, no photo!
Sunday, lazy sunday with Pasta, 1 meter long spaghettoni
And these wonderful tomatoes
And these grilled paprikas

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