Beautiful things

Since priorities have changed a bit in my life. Here a few of my favourite things I would like to buy...but not buying...
1.This beautiful white dress with perfect accessories
2.An adorable yellow bathing suit
3.An even more adorable bathing suit in blue and red
4.Tiffany blue nail polish by Chanel
5.Fabulous green pumps

All these things I found on It is so addictive, but luckily it is not about buying, it is about beautiful things, and I must say, it has a community of people with taste (hihi)!
This website is also wonderful for creating an inspirational moodboard
I pin all things I like and find inspirational onto my 'new house' moodboard, that way all my ideas stay together and the link brings you directly to where you can buy it or to blogs with more beautiful things. It just never stops. You can search what you want! Pinterest has it. (and I'm not even getting paid for this kind of publicity!!, go figure...)
If you would like to see more of my mood boards:
Check out following links: the moodboard for the house the moodboard for working out (but it is not really working out so far)

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