Spring Haze

I cannot deny it any longer, after 2 weeks of sunshine and another week to come, it is definitely time for a spring cleaning. I mean spring cleaning my way, since I do not feel like cleaning out the kitchen cabinets with pure bleach. No, I mean, to throw everything away, what I haven't touched in 2 years. I think that is a good rule.
I also think it is a good rule to have no more than 100 ceedees, dvd's, books (okay, not my books), pairs of shoes (please, not the shoes!). And since I'm turning 30 (also known as the spring time of life) and since I'm moving in a month (to the ultimate spring home), I cannot lie to myself any longer: the mayham has to go!I cannot keep hanging on to my teens. Maybe it will work also spiritually to become a mature woman who doesn't need her 'teenager riots themes' anymore!
So let's get on with it...En avant...marche!
 2 Unlimited, Roxette and Tophits 92...Au Revoir!

But it does not bother me at all to get rid of them, their time with me is over.I don't even have a ceedee player.
Welcome to the new space saving I-tunes Era!
Time for new musical memories

Since I don't have any space anymore in my book closet, I have started to buy audiobooks, easy and you don't have to turn around in your bed when you want to read the opposite page.You can read in the bathtub, in the train, while doing your nails,while sporting, on the beach. I just love it! And it seems since I listen to the book, I have become a better reader, because I read diagonally and most of the time I missed a lot of details because I wanted to go too fast. And after a full day of working behind a computer, my eyes often are too tired to read. For me it's the revelation of 2011! 
Oh and between the spring cleaning mayham I also got lovely spring flowers from my boyfriend.
And a very nice spring dinner with asparagus, the spring vegetable!
Have a lovely spring!

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