A New Chapter

As you may have noticed, I have not been blogging for a while now and I think am finally starting to miss it. It sort of felt like the purpose why I was so motivated to keep the blog running was slowly fading away. The main goal the last 5 years was to create a ‘memory’ from my daughter’s early years mostly for her in the future. The years she would not remember. I wanted to log the travels, the small big moments, my feelings towards her, where we stood for as parents and in life, the baby steps, our values, our life of 3.
But as she is growing up and creating her own memories, I didn’t really know if the blog still had a reason to exist and I have been struggling with this for a while now.

But then I remembered why I originally started the blog. It was a Valentine’s present for my boyfriend (and now husband) when he first moved to Belgium, a diary where we (I) could document our life together, where I could share recipes, travel photos, thoughts or whatever.
Something we could scroll through when we needed to see a younger version of ourselves,  baby photos of Olivia, or our early years, or ideas for brunches, or just to know what ugly clothes I wore 10 years ago, or when my memory starts letting me down, I will be able to recreate my memoires.

So I decided to keep the blog, and just post whenever I feel the need to write something that I want to share with my future self, my future adult daughter, my framily or my readers whoever they are and at what point they are in their lives. I don’t feel the need anymore to document every family outing, or each dinner with friends, but I will probably keep sharing our holidays and big events because those memories I do not want to lose.
We will see which new chapter on the blog is ready to be written.
Maybe this will be my way to live forever in my own words and eyes.
And thank you for reading, because you guys have been hanging around for a while too 😊

So to start this new chapter, I have chosen 10 of my favourite blogposts for you to (re)read:


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