Travelling with a baby, 14 useful tips from Lisa

Travelling with a baby can be a challenge but with these useful tips, I am sure you too can make it work :)
 1. Make her feel at ease in the hotel(meaning doing crazy in   hotel corridors and giving her control of the remote control)
 2. Make her feel useful by helping you pack and unpack your bags and rearrange your handbag because she knows best what goes where

 3. Work on her cultural development from a very young age.

4. Have your kid eating healthy in the United States may be a challenge, but we managed to cook fresh for her every day. (I hereby want to apologise to some hotels for the fish, meat and apple sauce smell in the bathroom). We had a steamer and a thing for mashing, a swiss knive and a peeler and we were very happy to be able to give her the food she needs.And I love the super markets there and the brown bags.

5. Diaper changes can happen anywhere, no need for a bathroom. (Olivia will state otherwise probably)
6. Pack twice the clothes you normally pack, for the baby but also for you because for some reason they are messier than at home (Thank you for guest laundry rooms in certain hotels)
7. During long car trips chocolat chip cookies can help (driving during nap time is even better)(extra tip: plan a deep cleaning of the seat after the holiday)

8. Swing whenever you can

9. A baby carrier is very useful in buzzling cities (feels safer to have the baby close to you)

10. Choose childfriendly Inns and B&B's. We had one with toys, kids and animals and it made all the difference.(Finding nice ones may be a challenge in most cases, because it is easier to go on holiday with a lama than with a baby of 13 months in terms of acceptance policy)

11. Learning how to pose on holiday pictures is an important skill (I'm teaching her)
12.Kiddies like water (swim diapers are very useful things...)

13. Beer helps babies to sleep (JUST KIDDING, empty can) Having extra seats can make the plane time a lot easier.(potato chips can too).Be very (very) friendly to check in agents and flight attendants.(We had 4 seats instead of 2)

 14. Babies don't have to stop you from travelling, it just takes some more organisatorial work.I hope we can inject her with the travelling microbe, because I want for her to discover the world a bit because the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.