The Most beautiful day of my life (By Laurent)

HAHA she finally gave me the control of the blog for 1 post. And which post!!!!!

Today is the most beautiful day of my life. I was already feeling lucky to have found the woman I knew I would spend the rest of my life with. But today Bebeeke has arrived. I am the very proud dad of a little human being made of her, made of me, made of us. I feel so happy and spoiled. My life is perfect. I can’t express how proud I m of Lisa for having been able to go through the all pregnancy process in such a brave manner. She faced her fear, she faced pain, she faced bad and good moment, but for the sweetest result.  Even though she likes to say she is not, let me tell you that she is a hell of a woman.  I ll not describe the birth of Bebeeke or give you the name. I let her the pleasure to do it herself.

Today marks the beginning of a new life. A life at 3, like in the 3L Syndrome (+ Ploesjie and sharky.) I ll do anything to give Lisa plenty of materiel to post on her blog. I ll do anything to put a smile on the face of the 2 women of my life, to make them happy, to make them laugh, to give them the best life I can. We ll try to teach Bebeeke the basic value of life : The importance of the family, the importance of friends. Teach her that we can still be happy in life with simple things like gardening, cooking, travelling, loving as long as you share those moments. We ll try to protect her, I will try to protect them.
I would like also to take this opportunity to say thank you to our family for being there, for their support, for their Love. Thank you for raising us to this stage. I hope we ll be able to do as well as you did. I would like also to thank my friends. I don’t know if they ll read that cause blogs are for girls ;) but I love you and I know you ll recognise you. Thank you for being there.

And sure last but not least : Lisa mon amour : I love you pluppy. I always told you from the first time I saw you I fell in love with you. Even through an “original” beginning I never doubted you were the woman of my life. You make me such a complete, happy man. 
Bebeeke : Your parents are not perfect but we ll always do our best to give you a beautiful life. I love you. Don’t grow up to quickly. Give us the time to enjoy every moments.And don’t forget please : look like your mother and take the character of your daddy ;) 


  1. Beautifully said Laurent! Take good care of your girls! We wish all 3 (or 5) of you a lot of luck, happiness, fun and most important of all a good health!
    Take care and enjoy each other now!
    Elizabeth and Chris x

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