Olivia Lily : A Birth Story

Olivia Lily stole my heart.
She came out of my belly, and she stole my heart in 1 second!
Since my body was struggling at the end of the pregnancy, the doctor decided to put the delivery into motion at 36 weeks and 1 day. Just to keep this little schrimp and her mommy, that's me, healthy.
She came into this world after a total process of 27 hours, so we were happy to finally meet her.
But from the moment you see this little baby's face and they lay her on you, skin to skin, you're sold.
Nothing can compare to this feeling.
I saw my lovely man holding her, and I was sold again, twice in 1 day, by the most beautiful love there is.
The love for this man & the love for our daughter.
I'm a lucky girl...very lucky...
PS: Girls, friends, women of the world - Epidural is not a luxury. I mean it!!!
And for those who have done it without - RESPECT! But, euh, how?

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