Olivia's Giveaways & birth card

Since I didn't want to do the normal baby give-aways, I have spent some time searching for an original present to give to the people who come visit our little baby. I found this idea on the website of Bakerella and I knew that was it! Old mason jars filled with a nice cookie mix. Everything is in there for sugar bomb cookies, they just need to add an egg, butter and vanilla extract. If people want to bake the cookies, they can, and if they want to hold on to it as a souvenir they can too. It looks good in every kitchen, I think. Even the nurses of the maternity clinic say they have never seen it before! Jeej!
 Oliviacookies will be a big hit! Maybe we should commercialise it, for our little babies savings account!

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  1. You're gonna have a wonderfull mothersday for the first time ^^

    Auntie Marianne ^^