8 Things on my wishlist


 1. A Fresh Haircut: I have been having the same hair style for as long as I can remember. And to be honest - I never pay much attention to my hair. I wash it and put some conditioner, but that is it. But I would not know what to do with it either... Dilemma
 2. Adidas Gazelle: Like these sneakers so much - but do not know what colour to pick.
 3. The life changing magic of not giving a fuck: seems to be an interesting book in my pursuit of happiness.
 4. A Crosley: I bought my first vinyl record last week and now I need something to play it on of course. And it would fit very well in our interior.
 5. A sexy denim dress: because a girl cannot have enough denim.
 6. Soft refurbishment of our bedroom: Some nice prints, new light, maybe wallpaper,...
 7. Thinking of adding some ink: I found the perfect thing to add! Now i have to find the perfect emplacement!
 8. The Mum & Me bucketlist: Always looking for some quality time ideas

Dimanche Apr├Ęs-midi

 Next to our house, there is this renovated ruin of a church made into a park. It is a beautiful spot in our town, and it has been horribly under'used' in the past. But in this new 'take back the city' vibe that has been happening over here, the city organised an event to celebrate this place and its history: Music & Moments.
There were drinks, live music, pictures of the fire (which ruined the church) and lots of people enjoying Sunday afternoon in the sun.
I took care of the bits and bites for the event and I served the following goodies:
Watermelon, mint & blueberry salad
Nachos with cowboy caviar (homemade salsa)
Veggies with homemade ranch dip in a cup
Double chocolate brownie (for the not so healthy food lovers)
 By the end of the afternoon all food was gone, so I could not have been happier!
Have a good week!


 Yesterday was a beautiful summer day here and we hosted our Aperitivo event at Costa Komma, the pop up summer bar here in our hometown. I had put together a plate of 6 appetizers for our guests and this is what we served: 
Rillettes of Chorizo
Mini cheese balls on a stick
Green & black olive tapenade with grizzini
Grilled vegetable antipasto bruschetta with hummus
Tuscan pasta with sundried tomato, salami, pinenuts and rucola
Caprese skewers with mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and basil
These appetizers were perfectly paired with the Hugo or the Aperol Spritz -drinks from the bar.
It was so much fun seeing all these people eat our food, drinking in the sun, enjoying their day off (our national holiday) and after 2 hours we were sold out! All food was gone!
The kids played happily with water balloons and Olivia had a blast running around in her bathing suit all afternoon. 
Thank you to everybody who came to see us yesterday!
And we hope to see you at our next event:

HAP - Foodtruck Festival hit our town!

 This weekend, HAP foodtruck festival stopped in the park in my hometown, so we had to go and check it out, we have to support the things that are being organized here + we like food + all our friends were there! It was so much fun seeing the park being used for what it is supposed to be used - families spending time together (with food and drinks), friends meeting eachother and kids running around everywhere. We ended up going 3 days! I also think the HAP organisation did a great job decorating the park with lights, tables and benches. They brought a good selection of food trucks together and I had a lot of good food! I think the whole thing did our town good and I have never seen so many positive reactions on facebook - and I hope that this sort of thing can help establish the new wind and the new dynamic in our city. Thanks HAP for coming to our town!
If the festivals hits your town, be sure to go check it out! 

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