Dimanche Après-midi

 Next to our house, there is this renovated ruin of a church made into a park. It is a beautiful spot in our town, and it has been horribly under'used' in the past. But in this new 'take back the city' vibe that has been happening over here, the city organised an event to celebrate this place and its history: Music & Moments.
There were drinks, live music, pictures of the fire (which ruined the church) and lots of people enjoying Sunday afternoon in the sun.
I took care of the bits and bites for the event and I served the following goodies:
Watermelon, mint & blueberry salad
Nachos with cowboy caviar (homemade salsa)
Veggies with homemade ranch dip in a cup
Double chocolate brownie (for the not so healthy food lovers)
 By the end of the afternoon all food was gone, so I could not have been happier!
Have a good week!

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