8 Things on my wishlist


 1. A Fresh Haircut: I have been having the same hair style for as long as I can remember. And to be honest - I never pay much attention to my hair. I wash it and put some conditioner, but that is it. But I would not know what to do with it either... Dilemma
 2. Adidas Gazelle: Like these sneakers so much - but do not know what colour to pick.
 3. The life changing magic of not giving a fuck: seems to be an interesting book in my pursuit of happiness.
 4. A Crosley: I bought my first vinyl record last week and now I need something to play it on of course. And it would fit very well in our interior.
 5. A sexy denim dress: because a girl cannot have enough denim.
 6. Soft refurbishment of our bedroom: Some nice prints, new light, maybe wallpaper,...
 7. Thinking of adding some ink: I found the perfect thing to add! Now i have to find the perfect emplacement!
 8. The Mum & Me bucketlist: Always looking for some quality time ideas

1 comment

  1. Leuke wishlist! Laat zeker weten wanneer je het eerste af kan vinken ;-)