More at Thirty Four

Last week I celebrated my 34th birthday.
 I always make a little post about a new number (33 here, 32 here, 31 here and 30 here)
Being in my thirties, becoming a mother and having a sense of belonging, really made me grow as a person. I care less about gossip and what people might think of me. I care more about living a good life, being genuine, being a good mother, wife, friend and daughter. I spend less time with people & situations that steal my energy and try to put me down. And if I cannot change a situation, I try to set emotional boundaries, until I can. 
 I try to spend more time with friends and family.
This blog is my journal of mostly good things, because the things I document here are the things I want to remember. Of course life brings negative things to all of us, but they do not belong here.
I focus on the positive ones, I focus on today and being happy with the little things.
Some things I am still working on are to take responsability for my own happiness, to stop the excuses, to take action & dream higher. I hope that by my next birthday this will be on the ' progress / done...' list, although it is an eternal work in progress, this life.
Overall, I can say that I am a very lucky girl at 34, with the best husband I could ever wish for and the best daughter I could ever hope for, we are healthy, we have a great support system, we have a roof over our heads and great food on the table. 
And that is what matters most, at 34 and I am grateful for this every single day.
(I try to forget about the 7 grey hairs and the starting wrinkles)

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