Turning 30 is not so bad...
Well, I have been 30 for a month and 20 days now, and I can cope with it enough now, so it was time for a party / House warming. We invited 30 people for my 30 years. I am really happy that everybody came and made the afternoon a real success! Here are some pictures of the food and decoration.

Home made Strawberry cake with pink home made macarons on the side.
Vanilla muffins with merengue-butter-strawberry frosting

 For drinks we had white Sangria and Red Sangria
(and cava) (and Watermelon/Wild Strawberry vodka cocktails)

My man making homemade paella with chicken/squid/scampi/chorizo and much amor

And we got a lot of presents! Thank you Everybody!!!

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  1. Du chorizo dans la paella: ils ne vont plus jamais te laisser rentrer en Espagne avec des trucs pareils...
    Sinon, félicitations pour le reste: tout avait l'air trés sympa et bien sur joyeux anniversaire petite trentenaire (cf Bénabar).