Garden Love: Number 3

This weekend we have eaten meals from our garden!
Green Peas Soup with Laurents home made quiche with baby spinach from our garden and home grown salad

And my baby made bread from scratch with sun flower seeds and poppy seeds
I hear you coming: Lisa, and what did you do while your man was working so hard in the kitchen?
I? I worked in the garden hihi
We have some newcomers in the garden, since we've used all of the spinach and some of the salad, we have some space left. We have tooo much salad. Salad, anyone?
 Newcomer 1:the pink 'bottekes'
Sexy, right?
Newcomer 2: The Pumpkin. 
Halloween Preparations in action
Newcomer 3: The Tomato
My grandfather planted these to surprise me
Newcomer 4: The Wild Strawberry
Also a donation :)
I replanted some rucola and some onions on the empty spaces.
Second round!

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