Cette petite fille

At the moment, this little girl likes:
Her Woefke (her preferred stuffed animal)
Dancing Ballet (sort of)
Dancing free-style (and I mean, really free style), preferably on Princessia
Dokter Peluche (Dr Mc Stuffin) and taking everyone's temperature, to say 'Oeieoeieoei' - Baby beetje ziek (baby little bit sick)
Minnie Mouse everything
Her princess bed - She loves to go to bed since she has a big girl bed
Teasing everybody, she is cheeky (I like that)
Difficult eater for everything not related to chocolate
Choosing her own clothes (damn, already)
Going to school, she really feels good there
Playing in the sand
Reading Dora & Boots over and over again before bed
Sleeping late (We love that!)
Doing everything herself (petti doen!)
Showering with her baby doll
Watching people opening surprise eggs on youtube (stays popular)

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