Trek - Food Truck Festival

 Yesterday we went to TREK - Food Truck Festival, which was in Maastricht this week. And again we were impressed with the organisation, the cosiness, the feeling of this festival in the city park of Maastricht. And of course the food! We had a great burger, a pulled pork burger, some ice cream, southern fried chicken, a chicken tortilla, some cocktails,... Needless to say we had great fun together and some great food.
I love the vibe on food truck festivals - it is friendly, creative, with theater, music and drinks. 
Just people having a good time around some good food. All this family needs for a great Sunday!
Olivia too had a great time running around the park, eating bio-fries, playing with sticks, eating ice cream, and of course dancing with her daddy.

Two weeks ago we went to the Barrio Cantina in Gent and last year to the Food truck festival in Brussels and honestly, we Belgians have a lot to learn from the Dutch in this area, although I hate to say it.
If you want to read about our food truck adventures at 'De rollende Keukens' last year in Amsterdam, go here


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