The Festival of The Rolling Kitchens

This long weekend we went to 'The Festival of de rollende keukens '(rolling kitchens), a street food festival with food trucks and all sorts of other mobile food providers and we had a blast. Good food, music, lots of people, nice trucks and original kitchens. We loved it! There was even a barber salon in an old gipsy camper, so Lolo got his beard trimmed while Petti and I ate waffles on a stick.
(We also had lamb shoulder with chimmichurri sauce - a duck and truffle croquette - A porcetta sandwich - a beef cheese burger with a brioche bun - Korean curry (street style) - A 'Best of Pork' dish (with pork belly, pulled pork and spareribs)- Mac & cheese (for the petti) and probably other stuff that I forgot) Lots of Inspiration!