A few things about me at thirty three

Today is my 33rd Birthday.
It must be a good year as it consists of two 3s, our lucky numbers.

did you know that...
  • I often get bored with a book at the last few pages, not feeling the urge at all to finish it.
  • I like to watch crappy tv shows on the women channels about people with too much mess, animals, kids, bugs or whatever in their house
  • I always put my coca cola zero cans (addicted, u know) next to the fridge, but never bother to put them in the fridge, although I prefer it cold.
  • I always forget to take empty packages (of cookies, ice cream, ...) out of the fridge or the cupboard. (It drives my hubbie crazy)
  • I only go to the gas station when the sign says 'less than 10 km' - When I was younger I always refilled for 5€, (because I hated to do that, resulting in having to go almost every day)
  • I can't go to the store without forgetting something (mostly the things for which I went in the first place)
  • I sometimes eat 3 magnums a day
  • I always sleep with things around me, like nail polish, body lotion, my hair brush, the remote control (by morning everything has fallen from the bed)
  • I love this little family of mine
  • I am so much happier at 33 than at 23