Hello Sunshine!

For some reason outdoor food always tastes better.
I like the fact that the BBQ slows things down a bit, giving you the opportunity to talk a little. This weekend we spent most of our time outside, playing in the sand, walking and trying new things on the BBQ. Welcome back, sunshine! We missed you!
 Our steaming BBQ
 Marinated sea bass with red pepper, garlic, cilantro, olive oil, lemon, oregano, thyme 
 Ready to go on the BBQ!
 Potatoes with heavenly home made herb butter on the bbq

 Two of her favourite things at the moment: eating ice creams and watering the vegetable garden.
 A light lunch and some inspiration while the baby naps: A little salmon tartare

 Barbecued Steak with red & green pasta pesto and some grilled cherry tomatoes

 Sometimes she agrees to hold our hand, those little stolen utterly happy moments
 Another easy lunch option: Pimped barbecued hot dogs (onion / melted cheese and guacamole) with American style cole slaw
Have some happy days in the sun!
Thanks for reading!