While my housemates napped through the afternoon, I decided to bake some cookies and make some fresh juice to have a little picnic in the local park when they woke up. So we jumped on our bikes and rode to the park. As it was 'The Day of The Park', they cleaned it up very nicely and there were workshops on how to make a vegetable garden for kids, how to make your own bee hotel and some other activities. A park should be the beating green heart of a city, where people are flee the crowds, young families can play with their children and the elderly can make their daily walk. Despite its central location and its magnificent historic plant collection, our local park fulfils these functions too little. That's why this year they are launching the project 'Parklife' here in August, so I hope I will spend happy moments again in this little green getaway in the middle of the city with my little bumblebee.