5 & 1/2 women

Last week our friend CJ(from the flamingo baby shower) went into labour. And this event raised a lot of emotions among us girls. We knew that it had started and CJ was keeping us posted all through the day. Sometime around 6 PM a few of us started a group conversation on facebook, to kill time until baby girl decided to come and to share our impatience, feelings, stories, and of course girlie gossip also. I really loved this. 4 girls supporting CJ in our own way - talking about this little baby girl's arrival, girls with baby fever, my nostalgia of my own daughter's birth, but mostly impatience and sympathising with CJ.
We really had your back, Caroline.
Finally we got the message we had been waiting for:
Axelle is finally here! And mother and Baby are doing fine!
All girls were so happy! So we all went happily off to bed!
I was happy to live this moment talking to these girls.
Maybe I am making too much of it, but babies bring people together like nothing else can.
The next day I went to see this little bundle of joy & she is so adorable. Welcome little flamingo!
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