Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons

 Saturday afternoon I hosted a small baby shower for my good friend CJ. She is due in 2 weeks, so I thought it was time to celebrate the fact that she is bringing a baby girl into this world. And celebration calls for cake. For the occasion - I chose everything pink & flamingo, because I know CJ loves that! We had a pink ombré cake with swiss merengue frosting and sprinkles, a strawberry cheesecake, pink sparkling wine, pink lemonade, a non alcoholic white lemonade & cranberry cooler and of course candy! Here in Belgium, baby showers are not really done - so there were no presents (yet) and games and things like in the US, but just the things that matter  the most: Having your girls around, cake and girl talk! But I did make a diaper cake.
And we cannot wait to meet this new girlfriend.