I always like to check out new food and grocery shop concepts and when I heard about 'content', I really wanted to go check it out. So Tuesday after work I paid a visit to this new shop in Leuven. I already like the name 'content' - it's all about the ingredients and the quality and preferably without packaging.
It's fun to go with your nice bottle and take olive oil right from the barrel and choose your own seed mixes for tasty and healthy granola without having to buy 200gr of everything.

The only problem for me to shop like that is thinking of taking mason jars, linen baggies or boxes to store the things in, before you head for the store. Because let's be honest here, I cannot tell you how much money I have already spent on bags from supermarkets that I always have to buy again, because I never think about putting them back in my car. I do have a nice collection at home though. You name the supermarket, I got the bag (or 2 or 3)

Anyway, this is my problem. Back to the cooperative food store without packaging - I do like the fact that they have fruit and vegetables from farms in the neighbourhood. Produce that looks real again - an idea I am starting to find more and more important . It is just so pointless to keep throwing away tons and tons of perfectly good produce, just because they don't have the right size or colour. But I am afraid that it will take a while before people will demand normal things again from the supermarkets, we are so used to buying these identical, shiny apples and perfect carrots.

Also, if I see what it is in my garbage bag by the end of the week, it's mostly packaging that was unnecessary in the first place. Time to rethink and take this into consideration while I shop!
The school where Olivia will go to soon, tries to limit packaging too by forbidding bringing anything in disposable packaging: drinks, lunch and snacks have to be in reusable containers.
(I think I am gonna buy her these boc'n'rolls to store sandwiches - see photo, they are cute)
At least our kids will learn from the beginning to limit disposables. 
It is their future world. 

oh and at Content you can also enjoy a healthy lunch !  
I ate a nice endives soup on a cold afternoon.

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