Potty Training 101

A little success story I would like to share with you on the blog.
Success story, you might say: We all learned how to do it , big deal -but still, it does feel like a little victory. I'm not going to share tips & tricks, because I think you just have to feel your kid's way of being and listen to it . And if your kid is not very into bribing, or structured routines, or cookies, or I-pad moments as a treat, or timers - it really is a tough journey. I didn't want to reduce my kid to a Pavlovian dog sorta thing either, since mommy is also a rebel without a cause too sometimes. I think she just understood what was expected from her and when nobody was asking it, or watching it, all of a sudden, while I was cooking- she came to me in the kitchen and she said: Mama, pipi gedaan. And that was that.
I must admit, I was starting to become a bit desperate - because her school due date is coming up and with her strong-minded character it was not easy. It even came to the point that I was ready to take advice from the cashier at the local supermarket. 
But in the end - it always come down to this: The Petti-way or the highway. It was that way with walking and talking, and so it was again with this next step.
Well done, baby girl.