Another Sunday, another Brunch

This Sunday we hosted a brunch for the girls I studied with for just 1 year, but even after more than 10 years we manage to see each other every 3-4 months and it always feels like we see each other every day. It is so much fun when we are together and I really love these get-togethers and I really hope we can continue to do this for a lot more years.

We decided to go for a more Scandinavian style brunch. We really loved their brunch concept when we went to Copenhagen last year.
On the menu today :
*Elderflower Spritz
*Granola - Greek yoghurt - Berries
*Smørrebrød plate with the following:
Horseradish spread / Roastbeef / fennel slices
Blue cheese / Pear / Bacon
Green Asparagus / poached egg / hollandaise sauce
Raspberry - red beet dressing / smoked Trout / pickled radish & cucumber
Dill mustard sauce / smoked Salmon / pickled red onion / dill
*Fig, Prosciutto and Burrata Cheese Salad
*Cauliflower and toasted hazelnut soup
*French toast, made with almond milk
*Plum Tatin
& Pancakes for Olivia and the 3 boys


Sunday Brunch for 10

Yesterday we hosted a long overdue Sunday brunch for our friends that never came brunching before at our home, so we had to make a deluxe version of The 3L Syndrome Brunch.
  • Pumkin soup with pumkin seed oil
  • Mini salmon-goatcheese and spinach quiches
  • American pancakes with maple syrup
  • Homemade granola with greek yoghurt & berries
  • Home made cinnamon rolls
  • Bread, cheese & coldcuts
  • Clementine - witlof - spinach - manchego salad 
  • Eggs benedict
  • Blood orange bellini
  • Coffee
It was nice to see everybody again and to chat a little on an rainy sunday afternoon. Olivia had a blast playing with her aunties, asking all their attention to play with the dolls, her books, the ipad and building forts with the sofa cushions. There was some baby talk, which gives me hope that in a few years we can do this brunch with some littles running around. There was some serious practicing going on with Olivia's dolls. Go girlies! It was a good Sunday :)
Have a happy Monday!

A gift list for myself. Yes. I am like that.

It's that time of the year again. The shop windows start to get decorated and I'm starting to think: Presents. For myself. and for others.
I curated a little christmas gift collection. Just for information.
christmas lists
 1. A LBD. I have never found the ultimate one. Maybe this one could be it - a Vila dress. Can be found here
2. I am working on a signature DIY wall in our dining room. These would make a perfect addition.
3. Another pair of Wouters & Hendrix earrings. I just love the whole assymetric thing currently.
4. The dream of every foodie: having a full set of these.
5. We have been needing a nice set of cutlery for a while now. We like these ones from Zara home. But we cannot decide on the ones with the wood or just silver.
6. My boudoir bathroom is in need of some luxurious, sexy towels, also at Zara Home .
7. Every mother wants a little bangle with the initials of her little angel.
8. A fashionable and comfortable tartan dress by Noisy May
9. A very nice & luxurious looking poncho in light blue. Perfect for snowy weather.
10. Lingerie always makes a good gift. Well, depends who you get it from.

Fall Foliage & Food

Sleeping late
Beautiful colours
Extra fluffy blueberry and almond pancakes with maple syrup
Playground time with a woollen cardigan
Mini quiches with bacon, green onion and cheddar
A Sunday walk with the family in late afternoon sun
Rack of lamb with celeriac puree and a red wine, shallot and bacon reduction
Cuddling up in the sofa with a blanket
Fall asleep with the sound of the rain against the window
Perfect fall day, I would say...