Another Sunday, another Brunch

This Sunday we hosted a brunch for the girls I studied with for just 1 year, but even after more than 10 years we manage to see each other every 3-4 months and it always feels like we see each other every day. It is so much fun when we are together and I really love these get-togethers and I really hope we can continue to do this for a lot more years.

We decided to go for a more Scandinavian style brunch. We really loved their brunch concept when we went to Copenhagen last year.
On the menu today :
*Elderflower Spritz
*Granola - Greek yoghurt - Berries
*Smørrebrød plate with the following:
Horseradish spread / Roastbeef / fennel slices
Blue cheese / Pear / Bacon
Green Asparagus / poached egg / hollandaise sauce
Raspberry - red beet dressing / smoked Trout / pickled radish & cucumber
Dill mustard sauce / smoked Salmon / pickled red onion / dill
*Fig, Prosciutto and Burrata Cheese Salad
*Cauliflower and toasted hazelnut soup
*French toast, made with almond milk
*Plum Tatin
& Pancakes for Olivia and the 3 boys