Weekend Meals with Friends

We ended the month with a weekend stay over of our Frenchie friends. Their little & our little got along so well and they had such a fun time together (trashing the house and stuff :)

Saturday Lunch Food:
I decided on a light lunch,- I always like to serve different small dishes which make for a balanced meal.
It makes a simple lunch a little more festive and special.

*Roasted yellow bell pepper soup with mascarpone and red pesto
*Cherry tomato / Thyme / goat cheese and spinach tartelette
*Young spinach / pomegranate / dried cranberry / goat cheese / pear /walnut salad
*Coffee with homemade lemon - blue berry cake

Saturday Aperitivo plate:
Rustic Antipasti plate with dill crackers, the best mozzarella, olives & feta, sundried tomatoes, grapes and cured meats.
Saturday Dinner Food:
I went for an olive inspired dinner with following elements:

*Market Fresh Tabbouleh Salad: couscous, parsley, cucumber, radish, persimmon (kaki), olives, heirloom tomatoes and microgreens.
*Pan Seared Lamb Chops With Olive Chimichurri (Tapenade like with kalamata olives)
*Warm Mushroom & olive salad

Sunday Morning food:
Brunch plate with pancakes, yoghurt with berries, scambled eggs with crispy bacon, bread & cheese.

The littles had some more play time and then it was time to leave.

We skipped Sunday lunch and created a Sunday supper risotto for 2 with what was left in the fridge: Goat cheese, mushrooms and chorizo. The kid had some cauliflower mashed potatoes.
Perfect end of the weekend.