Klaasje is not my friend

This year was the first time she really experienced & began to understand the Sinterklaas** madness here in Belgium. But quite frankly she could not care less. Last Sunday we went to see the man, we waited for an hour in line, just to have a little chat and some chocolate and when it was our turn, she went all shy and intimidated until the man noticed her 'Minnie Mouse' legging, and that was what it took to get on her good side. All week she went on and on about 'Klaasje & de Pieten'.

This week we made some drawings and on the evening of the 5th December, we put her shoe & the drawing under the chimney with a carrot & some sugars for the horse and a beer for Sinterklaas. When she was off to bed, we put the chocolates & sweets , books and toys next to her shoe, it was fun for us. But this morning when she got up, the only thing that caught her attention was my lipstick that was on the sofa and the chocolate surprise eggs scattered around the floor. So much for Sinterklaas charm...
Maybe next year she will be ready for the story and all the magic around this tradition.

I am not sure how I feel about fooling my kid & telling her stories about a man that supposedly brings presents if you have been a good girl. Lots of parents use it to menace their kid into being good in order to get presents (or otherwise Sinterklaas will forget to drop by our house) I don't like that. My parents never made me believe in Sinterklaas, but I got the presents anyway, - good deal.
On the other hand, as children are being treated as adults sooner and have to live 'reality' sooner, and amazement always gets smaller and smaller in our modern times (anything can be found on google), maybe a little surprise & wonder can only make life more interesting & happier.

** Sinterklaas treats good kids with lots of sweets and gifts on the 6th of December, he has a white horse that walks over the roofs and his helper goes through the chimney to deliver the presents.