My Ultimate Winter Bucket List

I did it. I have written it down, my ultimate winter bucket list.
I love the holidays and if I could, I would do something Christmassy every day.
The good thing about this list is that a lot of the things on it are very doable (not all unfortunately) and I will do my best to make the most of the coming 4 weeks and to cross some things off my list.
So here we go, you little reindeers (in no particular order)

1. Go to Lapland and see Santa claus.
2. Sleep in an Igloo hotel
3. Have matching pajamas
4. Watch Christmas movies all night long
5. Drive around and look at lights
6. Build a ginger bread house
7. Winter cabin getaway with my love
8. Experience a white Christmas
9. Create a family winter recipe that will last forever in future generations
10. Build a snow man with my daughter
11. Spread the Christmas spirit
12. Host an Ugly Xmas Sweater party
13. Spend the holiday season in a little village in the USA
14. Bake Christmas cookies with the one I love
15. Provide Olivia with the best Christmas ornament collection ever seen
 16. Read Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol again
 17. Go to a Christmas tree farm and pick out the perfect tree.
 18. Go to the movies on new year's eve
19. Camp in the living room on Christmas eve
20. Go to Disney Land in the holiday season