Routines, or the lack of

I've seen so many bloggers sharing their skin care routine, and then I think, damn girl, you should be taking better care of yourself, you're not 20 anymore. The thing is, I'm not good in doing things every day: like working (just kidding), taking pills, so when it comes to beauty routines, I'm equally inconsistent. One week you will find me scrubbing, peeling, cleansing, applying night cream, day cream, eye cream and then I will just completely forget about all of those things for a few months, and just put some baby lotion on my face when I have too much on my hands while rubbing it on the kid. And then I rediscover them again. Let's say I am already happy that after showering in the evening, I don't go to bed with my face all black with smeared 'so called' waterproof mascara.
The same for my make up routine - I will share my make up routine with you though:
While on the high way: remove black mascara leftovers from yesterdays make up after shower
First red light on my way to work: BB cream application
Second red light on my way to work: eyeliner
Third light, when red: mascara - when green: also mascara. I can do that while driving, years of experience, I tell you. Do not try this in your car, it takes serious skills!
While waiting for the parking gate to open, lip gloss and maybe a little blush, depending on how fast someone pushes the button for the gate.
In the elevator to the office: damn, forgot to brush my hair, I'll do it quickly with my fingers.
That's my routine for most mornings, except when I forget my purse, then it is pure nature and preparing for a day of: Lisa, are you feeling well? Did you cry? Are you tired? Thank you very much for reminding me that my normal face scares the hell out of you.

My hair routine: Wash, rinse, put conditioner, rinse, put a towel around your head and go to bed. Honestly, apart from my hair dresser appointment once a year, my hair does not know a blow dryer, or a brush for that matter. I am sure that if my hair would have a voice, it would scream at the sight of the thing.
Oh here you go, my very inspirational beauty blog post.
I do enjoy long hot baths with rich oils.
Oh oh, I just thought of a routine I do consistently: doing my nails!
While rereading this, I think you might just maybe get the impression that I am a sloppy woman.
But hey, at least I am clean and you won't hear my hubbie complain about waiting too long for me to get ready.
Favourite skin care products when I use them: Nuxe
Favourite hair care products: L'occitane Aromachology
Favourite make up products: whatever mascara they are tricking me into buying by making me believe my lashes will become 10 meters long.